Friday, August 31, 2007

Halloween...a month early

Well, tonight's the night...Rob Zombie's Halloween!! From what I saw at SDCC and bits on the web, it's going to be fantastic. The only thing that bothers me is that it's released so early. And while it's Halloween all the time in my head, it just seems too early to watch it. End of September would've been perfect. At least around here, leaves would be falling, autumn chill in the air... ah well.
Speaking of Zombie, Rue Morgue Radio has an excellent 2 part interview with him. And Tomb Dragomir, the demon DJ, concocted a Halloween themed show for the Aug 24th episode. Great stuff.
Another great little horror radio show is Doktor Viktor Von Kreep's Headless Spectre Radio. Tho there hasn't been a new one in quite some time, I can listen to the old one's for hours. Each show is packed with creepy commercials, horror trailers, spooky music, excerpts from films. Always puts me in a Halloween state of mind.
Also, be sure to check out Von Kreep's other projects, Monster Shindig and Cereal Killers!

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