Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Research is Hard

...and time consuming. That's not to say that's all that I've been doing since September of last year (there's been the procrastinating) but I have been doing a lot of it. Really want to make sure that I'm not unintentionally ripping someone off. At least I know I won't be intentionally ripping someone off...like this: Hot Topic soap t-shirt rip-off.

So there's been the research of that as well as researching/learning CSS. I'd really like to transform this blog into DLG Headquarters, as well as showcase my portfolio, sell prints and copies of books that I've worked on, that sort of thing. So I've been looking at a way of really sprucing it up. I'd love to see it happen within the next couple of weeks...but like research, CSS is hard.

On a wonderfully positive note, we've added a new member to the DLG family. John "Big Daddy" Schirano has joined us on writing duties! He's really excited to be a part of it and collaborating with him has certainly renewed my excitement in the project. We've come up with a bunch of cool new designs and characters and some hilarious situations. I've got around 8 pages of story from him that are absolutely beautiful. I actually got chills when I read the last page.

So far I've thumbnailed out around 6 pages and Hope and I have begun drawing the intro.

Another cool thing about doing all that research, is that I found tons of inspiring artists and blogs out there that I can't wait to share (and eventually put in my "Links" section, whenever I get one).

I give you Aaron Blecha. What an amazing talent! I first got turned on to his work thru Kreepsville's Cereal Killers blog. His ghoulies and beasties are the bestest. Be sure to check out his blog and site and watch some of the sweet sweet animation!

Until next time, Kreepy Kidlettes!