Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoppy Halloween!

With the inevitable arrival of everyone's favorite egg slinging rabbit, what better time to talk about Halloween!?

As you can see, Hope was a black cat. Which was a nice change from the pinky princess girly stuff all of the other little ghouls that came to my door were wearing. Next year I'm hoping for a lil' witch or tiny vampire. "Princess of the Night". M did her eyes and I did the rest. Nothing more fun than shopping all the Halloween stores for every variety of black cat ears you can find.

Also, by doing so, I finally scored the fog machine of my dreams. And for half price! I'm just a few tombstone cut-outs and green and blue flood lights away from the ultimate front yard cemetary!

We also had a nice collection of Jack O' Lanterns this year. M, who's pumpkin insides could not possibly be more clean, carved a nice haunted scene. Hope, who hasn't quite stepped up to carving yet, drew a cat (of course) and a happy jack and I decided to step up the creepy a bit from previous years.

What I love about Hope's designs is that I always think, "I don't know if this is really going to work..." and when I'm done cutting them out, they look great!

And I discovered that I reeeeally liked how mine turned out. Thus I took an unhealthy amount of photos of him. Enjoy!

And lastly...the morning after.

So sad.

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