Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Was

Thought I'd start out by telling a little about the project and posting the two page story that I did.

She's a character that is inspired
by my 4 year old daughter. Who, in the upcoming episodes, will be doing a little writing and drawing of her own for it.

The story behind DLG started with me coloring a book for Lawdog Comic's Jim Heffron, called Territory 51 (you can check out some pages in my Gallery section).

In the process of making that book, Jim and my family became good friends. When I brought up an idea that I had about a character based on my daughter, he told me that he was going to be putting together a "jam book", the Lawdog Primer, and he basically made me draw the 2 pages that are in there. ;)

I had talked to my wife about my ideas but was having a lot of trouble thinking of a way to tie them all together, and she stepped up to the plate and did all the writing. And those are the 2 pages that appear here as well as in the Primer.

After the book was published, we talked a lot about how we didn't want to put another "Wednesday Addams" clone out there. There are enough little spooky "goth" girl characters. We really want DLG to stand out. So we've completely revamped the premise! Turned DLG's world upside down and I'm really excited with the new direction.

So...even tho I'm a little embarrassed by these 2 pages, if it weren't for them, this project wouldn't be where it is today.


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